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Reach 1.3 billion customers

We are the only network to span the entire MENA and Levant Region. As the leading provider of news and information portals for the business community in the region, we offer amazing advertising opportunities reaching specific and targeted audiences due to our expansive reach.

Get your message across to the audience you want to reach including key individuals such as market leaders, decision makers, and top management of the leading "emerging-economy" countries.

Our portals are regularly visited by business professionals and government officials. Market segments that we cater to include:

- ICT and technology
- Construction, real-estate, and city infrastructure
- Project consulting, financing, and partnerships
- Media and communications
- Human resources and NGO awareness

Our advertising offering allows you to advertise in all of our portals, or you can tailor your advertising campaign to certain countries in the Middle East, North Africa, and Levant region.